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Tools for Universities and Colleges - Create Your Own Merchandise

Aware Awake Alive messaging and resources are designed to become an integral part of your alcohol awareness program.To increase knowledge of the risks of binge drinking and alcohol poisoning on your campus, we encourage you to create signature items that express your community's unique culture.

Once registered, anyone may use the trademarked logo or Must Help without licensing fees if you will be distributing the items free of charge or are just recovering your costs. You can register by clicking here.

Here are some examples that other groups have done.

Or you could choose to have t-shirts printed with the Aware Awake Alive logo, refrigerator magnets with the Must Help information or wristbands.

Below you will find two different high-resolution versions of the logo you can add to your toolbox. There are also merchandise examples which will show you other ways to use our messaging. We are more than happy to help, give advice or even direct you to a printer to help get your merchandise made. Please email us at at with any questions.

IMPORTANT: The Aware Awake Alive logo, branding, name and tagline may not be altered for any purpose. Be sure a link to our website ( is displayed on all printed materials such as posters or online communications." See our brand usage guidelines below. We would love to know more about the tools you are using. Please send an example of your design to, so that we can know how our resources are being used. Thank you for helping us to save young lives!

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