Utah Freshman Saved

In Utah, a 17 year old female freshman at USU was recently taken to the hospital with an extremely high blood alcohol content after a fraternity party at Pi Kappa Alpha. An unidentified male at the fraternity house heroically took the girl to the hospital and authorities say that had she not received the proper medical attention, she might not have lived.

Since another USU student Mike Starks died in 2008 of alcohol poisoning, the University has taken measures to educate and encourage reporting incidents immediately and not hiding for fear of prosecution which is clearly paying off. Starks' father is relieved that the girl was able to receive the help that his son did not.

"We had pushed very hard as a family for the Good Samaritan Law, and hopefully in this case it came into play," Starks said. "The lives of our children must never be weighed against the possible self-incriminating legal risks we take in alerting emergency personnel to life and death situations."

The Law was passed in Utah in 2010.
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