Underage drinking stings at UT

Local Austin news station KXAN reports on underage drinking busts last Friday night when the team targeted the UT West Campus area where they issued 21 citations for minors in possession of alcohol at 10 separate parties. Austin police Sgt. Rodney Mueller says that in the West Campus area underage drinking has always been a problem, "We know we're not going to eliminate it, but we try to educate and do what we can to minimize it and make sure everybody has a good time, but it responsible."

KP Prince, is the program coordinator for the University of Texas Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program and he says that a good sign that students are calling EMS for help before it is too late and he attributes that to alcohol education. "Unfortunately we've had situations where people didn't call when they should have, and people have died," said Prince.
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Team targets underage drinking at UT: kxan.com