New 911 Lifeline Law Gives Immunity to Minors

A recent article in Hill Country highlights the death of Vandegrift High School freshman Amanda de la Torre. Amanda died after head injuries sustained during a Steiner Ranch party in late April where minors were serving and drinking alcohol.

The law was passed in Texas this year and would have saved her life had the persons involved called for help. Carolyn Beck, director of communications and governmental relations for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says of the incident, "If our agents were called out that night we would not have cited teens for underage drinking, especially when it involved a head injury."

TABC is sending a letter about the new law to more than 75 Texas colleges and universities to get the word out. "We at TABC feel strongly that with enough publicity and education, this law will save lives," said TABC Administrator Alan Steen.
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Amanda De La Torre
Amanda De La Torre, 15