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  • Feb01

    Cal Poly Opens Research Center to Address Student Deaths on College Campuses

    Cal Poly has launched a new research and resource center dedicated to preventing harm and lives lost to hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual assault, hate and bias, and other forms of violence on college campuses. WITH US - The National Network for Peer Accountability was established by Cal Poly to inspire peer-led movements of accountability that promote health and safety, prevent violence and...

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  • Jul16

    Hazing Article by Hank Nuwer

    It's another great article by Hank Nuwer on hazing. Hazing almost invariably involves alcohol consumption, often underage drinking, and all too often, alcohol poisoning. What will it take to stop this illegal and lethal "tradition"? Read Article Here.

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  • Oct02

    Utah Freshman Saved

    In Utah, a 17 year old female freshman at USU was recently taken to the hospital with an extremely high blood alcohol content after a fraternity party at Pi Kappa Alpha. An unidentified male at the fraternity house heroically took the girl to the hospital and authorities say that had she not received the proper medical attention, she might not have lived. Since another USU student Mike Starks...

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  • Sep28

    New 911 Lifeline Law Gives Immunity to Minors

    A recent article in Hill Country highlights the death of Vandegrift High School freshman Amanda de la Torre. Amanda died after head injuries sustained during a Steiner Ranch party in late April where minors were serving and drinking alcohol. The law was passed in Texas this year and would have saved her life had the persons involved called for help. Carolyn Beck, director of...

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  • Sep23

    Underage drinking stings at UT

    Local Austin news station KXAN reports on underage drinking busts last Friday night when the team targeted the UT West Campus area where they issued 21 citations for minors in possession of alcohol at 10 separate parties. Austin police Sgt. Rodney Mueller says that in the West Campus area underage drinking has always been a problem, "We know we're not going to eliminate it, but we try to educate...

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  • Sep20

    The Tribune - Aware Awake Alive at Cal Poly’s WOW

    San Luis de Obispo's local Paper The Tribune reports that this year, Aware Awake Alive spoke with Cal Poly’s Week of Welcome and housing orientation leaders, educating students on the dangers of binge drinking and alcohol poisoning. Videos on Carson Starkey’s story were shown to new students, and WOW leaders discussed the late freshman’s story with new students. The team also gave out...

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  • Aug17

    KEYE-TV interviews Aware Awake Alive

    Julia & Scott Starkey, parents of Carson Starkey and the creators of Aware Awake Alive, invite local Austin news station into their home for a candid interview to discuss the 911 Lifeline legislation, which they vehemently supported and helped enact. See the video here.

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  • Aug17

    Youth alcohol bill signed by Governor Perry!

    Underage drinkers seeking medical help in an emergency will receive limited immunity from minor in possession and consumption of alcohol charges under a bill signed by the Governor this past weekend. The measure written by Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, aims to encourage young people to seek medical help, especially in the case of potential alcohol poisoning. Watson said young people in such...

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