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Welcome to the Aware Awake Alive Blog

Hello and welcome to the Aware Awake Alive blog for our brand new site This non profit organization (formerly known as With Carson) was devised by the parents of college student Carson Starkey who they tragically lost to alcohol poisoning back in 2008. The big idea is to raise awareness and educate young adults (and their folks) to the very real dangers of alcohol poisoning. The Starkeys have dedicated their lives to trying to ensure that this doesn't happen to any other families.

There are 2 big objectives for the members of Aware Awake Alive, first is to get the accurate information out there and accessible to everyone so they know the signs. Including those who don't drink- they could still be in a position one day where they could help a friend!

The other is to raise awareness about state laws across the Country to provide limited immunity (fancy words for you cant get in trouble) for underage drinkers who call 911 (and consequently save a life.)

Please take the time to take a peek around the site and learn what you may not already know about knowing your limits when it come to boozing and what to do if you need to get all superhero and come to the aid of someone who needs your help.

Stay tuned and happy browsing!!!


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