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Aware Awake Alive has a great story running in The Tribune (San Luis de Obispo’s local paper) today focusing on the organization’s goals and our recent début at WOW (week of welcome aka orientation) on SLO’s Cal Poly Campus.
The team set up a booth (see photograph) so we could hand out our bracelets (like you see for most non profit organizations) and refrigerator magnets to all the on campus students not the mention we gave the skinny to new students about the symptoms of alcohol poisoning, what to look for and their rights under the Good Samaritan law.

Aware Awake Alive team at WOW in SLO

This week in particular is a doozy for college kids- freshmen in particular will be going to welcoming parties/events, etc and many are likely to be engaging in some less than legal social activities and the big idea is to make sure everyone is armed with the right information that could (and hopefully will) save lives. Be safe people!
To read the full article click here.

The article also bumps up our faaaabulous website which can be viewed at


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