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Medical Amnesty/911 Lifeline Update

The Medical Amnesty Initiative is a nonprofit organization created with the specific purpose of advocating for Medical Amnesty/911 Lifeline legislation throughout the United States. In the last six months, 14 states have introduced this life saving measure and as of mid June, nine have been passed in to law. In each of these states they rally the support of university and nonprofit partners, like Aware Awake Alive, to ensure that policy makers have all the information they need to make an informed decision on this issue.

This is truly a law that can save lives. A Cornell University study found that while 19% of college students have been in a situation where 911 probably should have been called for a highly intoxicated individual, only 4% actually made the call. Following the implementation of Cornell’s policy, the number of calls made increased dramatically. We see these same numbers, and positive results, throughout the country. We have heard time and again how eliminating the common fear of calling for help has resulted in a young life saved.

This fall, the Medical Amnesty Initiative is going to begin bill development and outreach to the remaining states without a Medical Amnesty/911 Lifeline law. Their goal is to identify a member of each state legislature to sponsor legislation in the 2014 legislative session. Can you help? Medical Amnesty Initiative is looking for volunteers in the remaining states to assist in their efforts. If you are interested, please let the folks at the Medical Amnesty Initiative know.


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