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Let’s Remember and Say Thank You

Today, December 2, 2011 is the three year anniversary of Carson’s death. All of us at Aware Awake Alive want to celebrate his life, acknowledge his passing and talk a little bit about everything that has happened over the last three years.

We have interviewed friends and family, talked to high school and college students, created a new non-profit, produced educational videos and posters and spread our message across the country. But most importantly we have made new friends and worked together to keep each other safe. We are building a community of young people, teachers, coaches, parents and many more who want to make a difference.

Just this week in San Luis Obispo students, teachers and faculty came together for the first annual Awareness Week. They hosted events and gatherings organized to raise awareness about alcohol poisoning. There were daily raffles, open mic nights, movies, bake sales and so much more. A university has embraced a family and a common message and in doing so they have honored Carson and the example he set for all of us.

We are also excited to announce that on December 4th a good friend of AAA, Jason Mockford, will be running a marathon. This alone is very impressive, but making it even more special is the fact that while he is pounding the pavement he will also be spreading our message and raising money for AAA. So, if you get the chance, visit Jason on Crowdrise and offer him your support.

All of us at AAA want to say thank you to the Aware Awake Alive community. Your support and help has meant the world to us and enabled us to share our message with thousands of people. Seriously, you should probably pat yourselves on the back. Thank you!


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