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California Polytechnic State University

Our role as University educators is to fill the gap in knowledge regarding the high-risk dangers inherent in college drinking. There is so much we have to take into account if we hope to make some inroads into this behavior. We believe honestly addressing the risk factors and the responsiveness on the part of others holds the greatest promise in saving young lives. As these young people come to our campus, we have a very short window of opportunity to safely integrate them into our campus communities. Our role in the intervention of high-risk behavior is critical. Aware Awake Alive is a program that truly widens the campus lens on educating, responding and savings lives. Our partnership with Aware Awake Alive has helped our campus to get focused on the important –being a community that cares about one another and has the knowledge and confidence to do the right thing regardless of fear and peer pressure.

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Senator Kirk Watson

Alcohol education and awareness is critical to the fight against hazing and binge drinking. And commonly, teenagers who engage in underage drinking are hesitant to seek help for themselves or for their peers in dangerous situations where someone may have alcohol poisoning because they're afraid of getting themselves or their friends in trouble. A limited immunity law, commonly known as a 911 Lifeline, seeks to decrease the likelihood that a minor will hesitate to seek help in an alcohol-related emergency.

Senator Watson was honored to author Senate Bill 1344, an alcohol education bill, in 2009 and Senate Bill 1331, the Texas 911 Lifeline Legislation, in 2011. He championed these pieces of legislation in memory of Carson Starkey, a childhood friend of his oldest son.

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Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Aware Awake Alive and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission have partnered together to spread the message that overconsumption of alcoholic beverages is dangerous, and that anyone exhibiting signs of alcohol poisoning should receive medical attention immediately! Both organizations support laws that protect young people who do the right thing and seek medical assistance for someone who may have alcohol poisoning.

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San Luis Obispo County Drug & Alcohol Services Prevention Programs

San Luis Obispo County Drug & Alcohol Services Prevention Programs provide a framework for collaborative countywide prevention of substance abuse and its related problems by engaging families, neighborhoods, and communities to promote safe and healthy environments. The county’s Drug Free Communities Project establishes and strengthens community collaborations to prevent and reduce substance use among youth, particularly those transitioning from high school to college.

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Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live creates partnerships for positive and healthy youth development, which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities. FNL supports chapters on individual school campuses, from middle school through college, and engages youth in education, awareness, and alternative activities to reduce the problems associated with youth substance use. Cal Poly Friday Night Live aims to change the college culture around alcohol and drug use, while providing a fun, social atmosphere for students.

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Gordie's Call National Campaign

The Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention at the University of Virginia is a non-profit organization with a clear mission to educate young people on the dangers of binge drinking and hazing practices. The center’s name honors the memory of Lynn Gordon “Gordie” Bailey Jr., who died of an alcohol overdose at the University of Colorado - Boulder after a fraternity initiation ceremony in 2004. Through the efforts of the Gordie’s Call national campaign, the center serves as a resource to over 500 colleges, high schools, and community organizations and provides students with the knowledge to make informed choices about their own drinking, the skills to identify the signs of alcohol poisoning, and the confidence and encouragement to help a friend during an alcohol emergency.

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The Medical Amnesty Initiative

The Medical Amnesty Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the introduction, passage, and education of Medical Amnesty/911 Lifeline legislation throughout the Untied States. We work with state lawmakers, universities, and other organizations in each state to advocate for the bill and provide necessary data and support as the policy moves through the legislative process.

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