The Starkeys

Carson's Standard

  • Carson always gave more than he received.
  • Carson did not like himself or anyone else being wronged – doing the right thing was vital to him.
  • Carson had an uncanny ability to sense the needs of those around him and respond accordingly.
  • Carson looked at the world around him and saw limitless possibilities.
  • Carson lived his life with urgency.
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After the death of Carson in 2008, the Starkey family formed With Carson a non-profit organization committed to preventing others from suffering such a tragedy. The Starkey’s have always been a close-knit family of four and continue that bond even though they are now separated. Carson’s brother Hayden coined the name With Carson as a way to continue including him in their daily lives, whether it is working towards their mission to help others, taking a hike, or sharing a special moment. The response to With Carson grew quickly and the Starkey’s realized the need to reach more people, thus Aware Awake Alive was created in August of 2011 and the global effort began.

In 2009, the Starkey’s worked with Texas Senator Kirk Watson to secure the Carson Starkey Alcohol Awareness and Education Act. This legislation permanently places alcohol education in the curriculum of all Texas public schools. In 2011, the Starkey’s and Senator Watson created the Texas 911 Lifeline Law. This state law offers limited immunity that encourages minors to do the right thing and seek help in an alcohol related emergency.

The Starkey family works closely with High Schools and Universities implementing the Aware Awake Alive Toolbox program to campuses across the country. The Starkey's actively coordinate with administrators and students to help customize a unique program specific to each campus while continuing to support their local communities of Austin, Texas and San Luis Obispo, California by providing educational scholarships.

Julia, Scott and Hayden Starkey have faced the loss of their beloved son and brother with a focus on turning their personal tragedy into something positive for the greater good. The Starkey family believes the loss of Carson has given them a unique gift to serve and help others. Julia and Scott commit themselves fulltime to the mission of Aware Awake Alive. Hayden serves part time while fulfilling his duties as a submarine officer in the United States Navy.

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